Worst Movies of all Time - The Results


So it seems that asking the question "What is the worst movie of all time" isn't as simple as it seems. I was expecting most people to agree on at least one movie but it seems every time someone said they hated a movie another would say "NO WAY". So it was almost impossible to count votes due to the wide spectrum of responses that I received. But keep reading, I didn't give up. The worst movie(s) of all time are movies dealing High School/College (ex. American Pie & things staring Lindsay Lohan), and horror films. I feel this is due to people not being original

In your High School/College film it seems that you always have a group of guys that are trying to get laid before college but the nerd always beats them to or the nerd ends up getting the girl in the end because she found out that the "jock" or "prep" was a big time JERK. More than one movie staring Lindsay Lohan showed up. This is probably due to extremely cheesy lines and her going after some boy that again turns out to be either a JERK or PRINCE CHARMING. (note: The same goes for you Hillary Duff)

Now for your horror films. These movies (which I just so happen to like, but you voted) are the same in a few different senses. Your hunter is usually 1. Someone you know. 2. Vampires 3. Zombies 4. Genetically Engineered somehow or 5. A combination of 2 (or more). Then you end up with the unsuspected hero in the end who saves the day and gets the girl.

So what do these two types of movies have in common. Well they have been done before. You average person watches a movie for entertainment, some watch it as a form of art, but either way you don't want to watch something that has already been done before. So movie directors and writers, I urge you to please think of new ideas. Stop making sequels, stop turning movies into books, and come up with some new ideas. Give the people what they want. Something that has never been done before.


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